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#MTR getting closer to an offer?

The Quarterly Activities Report issued today contains information that indicates MTR’s strategy of proving up resources and transferring increased asset value into shareholder returns is moving closer to fruition.

The report states:

1. MOD/MTR joint venture is receiving interest from third parties, including major mining organisations and investment funds.

2. Metal Tiger have recently received interest in their 30% position in the JV and the company continues the liaise with third parties.

We also have the General Meeting today passing both resolutions, moving the company closer to the position of being able to distribute assets too shareholders. The court order will follow.

The following events are IMHO reasons to believe the company is moving closer to fulfilling their strategy of returning value to shareholders:

  • Weak pound, whilst it lasts, makes now a good opportunity for overseas investors or companies to make an offer for MTR’s investment in Botswana.
  • JV have changed their strategy and are focusing prospecting the T3 dome. Is this to maximise the known potential of the area before a formal offer us tabled?
  • Both MOD and MTR are receiving interest from major mining companies or investment companies. This is the first time we have been informed both companies are being pursued.
  • Recent RNS stated:

1. Reinterpretation of magnetics data has resulted in drilling being refocused on the T3 dome. It must be significant when MOD have previously stated that other zones are potentially better than T3. I wonder what MOD have seen that has made them change their plan?

Or was this a subtle way of letting any potential buyer know that MOD/MTR intend to keep increasing their knowledge of the T3 area and the JORC information released to date is only part of the story?

2. Deep IP hole arisings had visible copper mineralisation and the assay results are now awaited.

MOD mentioning what they have indicates they expect the assay data to be significant. If they didn’t, why have they mentioned in an announcement to the market?

It is definitely a good way of letting any potential buyer know that the JORC information is only the tip of the resource.


MTR made an investment of $100k in Botswana. The returns look as if they will be substantial when you consider that T3, if this is the area of any offer, is less than 1% of the JV licence area.

T2 apparently is a more promising prospect.


Mining company strategy – preparing for commodity cycle bounce.#MTR #KGLD #GGP

Interesting graphic indicating how small mining companies can take strategic actions to prepare themselves for future opportunities as the commodity cycle moves to the next phase.

As the market bounces from the bottom of the commodities cycle, those companies that have prepared themselves for the upswing will be in a very good position to maximise shareholder returns.

Strategic positioning carried out by several AIM companies will enable them to make strategic acquisitions that will maximise shareholder returns as the market recovers.


#MTR Asset division timing and #MOD joint venture

Mining companies share prices have fallen out of sync with other markets as can be seen in this graph.


How long will it be before the sector is back to the position it was in May 2014?

The Metal Tiger asset division has taken a position in many companies as they believe we are at the bottom of the cycle. If they are correct it can be seen from this graph that mining sector companies have the potential to make significant share price gains.

Metal Tiger also have the added driver that it has, with their joint venture partner MOD Resources an interest in a potentially enormous copper prospect in Botswana.

With China accounting for 40% of the copper market and their economy increasing it is easy to see why  major businesses in the sector are looking to secure copper resources. Whilst the growth in the China economy is not now predicted to be as great as previously forecast the growth will have a significant impact on copper demand due to their dominance in the market.

We also have countries such as India who are forecast to double their copper requirements.


MOD/MTR are in an enviable position and should be able to maximise their returns due to the size of the Botswana copper prospect and its discovery at a time when copper resources are in demand.



#MTR Botswana mine costs.

Mined copper grades are predicted to fall in the coming years.



This is the perfect storm for companies like Metal Tiger as the Joint venture prospect with MOD has high copper grades.

Lower operating costs and competitors being less efficient, should translate into greater profits for the MOD/MTR mine when production commences.

MTR/ MOD T3 mine will also be open pit making the opex costs low compared with the  underground mines due to come on line in the coming years.

Asiamet Resources will have costs of $6500/t, this being in the bottom quartile when compared with its competitors. Cupric the adjacent mining operation to T3 will have costs of $6460/t. With T3 grades being higher than the Cupric mine the T3 costs are likely to be significantly less making the MOD/MTR mine vey competitive.

It is easy to see why major players in the industry are showing an interest in Metal Tiger and its Botswana T3 prospect.




More information on possible #MTR Botswana sale

The  previous Greets blog speculated on the possibility of the Botswana holding or parts of the holding being sold (see here).

Another reason for believing a sale is a distinct possibility is MTR have 30% of the joint venture, this being in  a UK private company. This makes it very easy for MTR to seperate Botswana from the rest of the business should they wish to sell.

As highlighted in the previous Greets blog a sale could happen sooner rather than later and this is given more credence as it is believed MTR are looking at the most tax efficient route of distributing any profits from a sale to shareholders.

Interestingly MTR Directors can’t convert any warrants as we are in a closed period prior to the release of MTR results. If the warrants aren’t converted the MTR Directors will be seriously disadvantaged. It is therefore very difficult to see this happening.

The conversion of Director warrants and changes to options, as highlighted in the recent Quarterly Activities Report (see here) could therefore be a clear indicator that an offer is  imminent.



Why are Metal Tiger #MTR in a hurry with their Botswana JV?

Why is the MOD/MTR joint venture drilling so fast to establish the resource we have at Botswana?

We know from the Mininghaven event held on the 20th April the followin

  1. MOD geologist (Rensburg) said he had never seen anything like the borehole arisings he had seen in his career drilling 900 boreholes in Botswana.
  2. Interest shown by three big players in the results coming from the Botswana JV.
  3. Silver grades very high compared with adjacent prospects. Cupric an adjacent prospect has 18-23g /t silver and the JV prospect has 69g /t.
  4. Much higher copper content than surrounding prospects.
  5. Adjacent prospects do not have zinc.
  6. Atleast one more rig being brought to site.
  7. 200m borehole steps being increased to 400m steps.
  8. 70m wide mineralisation hasn’t been seen before.

In conclusion the belief is the Botswana prospect is huge, on a scale not seen in the area before.

Is the joint venture in a rush for one of the following reasons?

a) What would MTR shareholders say if an offer for the JV came in at 10x the current market cap?

Is it possible MTR wish to obtain as much information as possible to ensure no offer is accepted that potentially substantially undervalues the business.

b) One of the three parties who have shown an interest has said they will make a formal offer when the resource is proven to be ‘X’.

It looks like the Botswana prospect is being fast tracked for a reason. This is going to benefit current shareholders and potentially disadvantage members of the MTR BOD who may wish to increase their holding in the business.

The faster the boreholes are completed and analysed the higher the share price is going to rise.

What is going to happen to the MOD share price on Monday after investers have read the quarterly activities report (see here)? Note this report only covers the period up to the end of March.


What is going to happen to the MTR share price when investors have read this report and the MOD share price has risen on Monday whilst the AIM market is closed?

The Botswana prospect is coming to the boil nicely.





#MTR – The Botswana prospect

imageListen to this presentation if you want to know why Metal Tiger are so bullish about the Botswana prospect.


It is clear the MOD geologist believes T3 is not the only area of interest and is itching to drill other areas as soon as possible.

Borehole arisings are now being analysed in South Africa. This should reduce the backlog and result in information being released to the market quicker than has happened previously.

It is also reassuring that another rig is being brought onto site and adjacent prospects are bringing their rigs to our licence boundary to establish if our resource stretches into their area.

What will happen to the share price if an adjacent prospect establishes the MOD / MTR resource stretches beyond the boundary of our licence area?