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#MTR placing news

On Friday we had a blog and several tweets about a Metal Tiger placing. The result was the share price fell slightly on Friday.

The blog and tweets are 100% false.

These are the reasons the Metal Tiger detractors are wrong and informed investors are 100% certain no placing is taking place.

  1. Presentation 20th April

On the 20th April the CEO of Metal Tiger attended a presentation in central London and when asked about a placing said at the current time MTR had no need of a placing and one would not be taking place in the near future.

This didn’t come as a surprise as MTR have no debt and have received over £1m in warrent conversions since March. In other words in the last 4 weeks an additional £1m+ has been put in the MTR bank account.


2. High nett worth individuals (HNWI)

Not one of the current HNWI invested in Metal Tiger has said they have been asked too take part in a placing.

Wouldn’t they be asked to take part in any placing?


3. Metal Tiger business model

Paul Johnson the CEO of Metal Tiger has an investor strategy that involves being 100% transparent with investors. Communication with private investors is key.

If a placing was taking place he would have no credibility as he would have misinformed investors and the strong private investor base would disappear.

4. Communication from Paul Johnson

The placing news is a complete fabrication.


No doubt those that have claimed a placing is taking place will go very quite and use a few weasel words to justify their statements.

The facts are for any reasonable person simple. No placing is taking place.

It is also worth reminding ourselves that Metal Tiger have numerous warrants. Assets that can be realised if required. For example MOD warrants highlighted below would generate £600k+ profit.



It was an indication of the strength of the MTR investor base and the strength of the company that the share price fell only slightly due to the posting of this false information.



#MTR interview raises interesting questions


Good informal interview with Paul Johnson by the LSE Share Talk team. This is well worth a listen as contains a good insight as to what is currently happening in just one small part of the Metal Tiger portfolio.

It’s interesting that Paul mentions he has to be careful what he is saying and is tempering what he wants to say due to regulatory rules.

Some questions in my mind after listening to the interview are:

  1. What do MTR really want to say but can’t because of regulatory protocol?
  2. What news is imminent, for the whole MTR team to be flying out to Thailand next week?
  3.  What’s happening with the rest of the Metal Tiger portfolio?
  4. Are the MOD team really visiting London to support the MTR team at their presentation on the 20th April?

Could the real reason be  one of the following reasons:

1. Announcement that MTR taking a bigger stake in the JV.

2. MOD listing on the UK stock exchange.

3. MTR taking part of the MOD Sams Creek opportunity.

4. Somebody else taking a % of MOD stake


The presentation on the 20th April could be interesting, but one thing is for sure, more is happening than just a presentation.

#MTR the £20m+ market cap business

I and many others believe the following are indicators that Metal Tiger is soon going to become a £20m+ market cap business.

  1. BOD and their families are buying MTR shares on the open market. Why?
  2. Has to be a reason for MOD directors flying from Australia to the UK for a Metal Tiger presentation on the 20th April 2016.
  3. Share price moving on speculation regarding Botswana. What’s going to happen when share price also starts to factor in Thailand?
  4. Market indicators are MTR is a 100% buy. Private investors are going to buy.



5. Share price resistance level is 5.404p. This is well over a market cap of £20m

6. MOD and MTR Directors are using words and phrases like significant, extraordinary, once in a life time when talking about the Botswana opportunity.

7. Why has a world renowned geologist become Chairman of a small company like Metal Tiger?

All of the above is intangible evidence that will result in share price movement based on investor sentiment.

We also know the following happening with regard to the Botswana project that will provide market certainty?

a. Two drilling rigs at T3. We will hopefully next week have information from their activity.

b. Assay results from T3 imminent. This will be the big news.

c. Diamond drill brought to site as conventional drill not robust enough to penetrate dense copper layers.

a, b and c will be the real catalysts for share price movement.

The 3.29p minimum share price target predicted on this chart (see here) has been smashed and the share price is now heading for the next target, 14.87p.

The Share Pickers podcast with Paul Johnson, MTR CEO is worth a listen (listen here) as gives an indication of the potential.


#MTR significant find in Botswana


Metal Tiger share continues to perform well as more investors become aware of the potential.

It is a good indicator as to what the BOD expect to happen to the share price when they are investing their own money in the business.

We also have the wife of the CEO invested in Metal Tiger and now the wife of the Chaiman has invested $A250k in the business.

Why would the BOD and their families be investing heavily in the business?

The biggest green flag for private investors is Terry Grammer, one of the top geologists in the world is investing in Metal Tiger? Why would he and his family be investing in MTR?

One thing for sure, it’s a clear indication that a placing, isn’t going to happen anytime soon as predicted by some.

We know we have in bore hole T3 encountered chalcopyrite mineralisation, a huge horizontal layer.


Chalcopyrite, is basically a concentration of minerals consisting of a sulphide of copper and iron that can form in huge masses. Is this what we have in the T3 dome?

What we don’t know is the size and quality of the resource. Will our deposit be like that of the Copperfields mine in Canada with the ore having a 28% copper content?

Another good indicator that we have something significant is MOD Resources our joint  venture partner are selling their Sam’s Creek gold mine in New Zealand. This is a JORC compliant mineral resource containing a significant quantity of gold.

Why would MOD sell a proven resource to concentrate on an unproven resource in Botswana?

All the indicators are the assay results, reiterating words used by the MOD and MTR BOD’s will be significant / extraordinary.

It is also worth reminding ourselves with the current focus on Botswana that the Metal Tiger business is not a one trick pony. See here for information on other activities / prospects for the business.

We couldn’t have any clearer indicators as to what the future holds for those invested in MTR.


#MTR -Reasons to be positive about pending news.

Interest in Metal Tiger is growing. The following are some interesting pointers for those invested in MTR:

A. Increase in interest in MTR

Greets echo blogs about Metal Tiger are being read by a increasing number of Australians (27% of views in the last 24 hours). This is why I believe this is significant:

1. Australians tend to be ahead of the curve with regard to mining shares.
2. Have Australian investors realised with MOD Resource listed on the Australian stock exchange having seen their share price increase by c350% in the last few weeks that MTR should also see their share price rerate significantly? MTR have 35% of he Botswana joint venture with MOD Resouces.

B. Presentation 20th April 2016 (see here)

3. Why would Julian Hanna the Managing Director of MOD fly from Australia to the UK to present at the presentation on the 20th April when MOD shares are listed on the Austrlian stock exchange?

This probably isn’t a run of the mill presentation, it has to be off the back of significant news.

4. Terry Grammer, MTR Chairman is flying in from Australia to attend the presentation. Why?

C. The language being used

5. Managing Director of MOD states the Botswana results are extraordinary.

6.MOD state that initial indications are we have discovered a ‘hydrothermal type of mineralisation’ unlike anything else in the area. To put this in layman terms this is the discovery of a large concentration of metallic minerals. We will soon have more information on these minerals.

D. MOD/MTR actions

7. Why are MOD/MTR fast tracking drilling and assay results?

In conclusion whilst recent information released by the businesses isn’t new the indications are very positive that significant news will soon be released.


Why have I invested in Metal Tiger rather than MOD resources?

MOD have the Botswana projects and an interest in Sams Creek, New Zealand an asset they are selling. MOD are therefore totally reliant on Botswana and the risks associated wth any political and economic changes.

The MTR strategy is to reduce risk by focusing on different minerals in different countries. MTR have interests in Botswana, Russia, Spain, Tanzania and Thailand.

If Botswana doesn’t deliver MTR have other significant opportunities. I admit it’s a small if, but its still a risk.

Metal Tiger news a game changer


On the 24th February this article indicated why I believed Metal Tiger was  a potential investment opportunity (see here).

Those that invested on the 24th February will currently, after 2-3 weeks be sitting on a profit of 130%.

If you look at the graphic contained in the above article (right hand corner) it provides the logic as to why the Botswana project mentioned in this weeks MTR RNS has a conservative estimate valuing it at between 14p to 71p per share.

The current 130% share price increase will look insignificant when compared with the gains that potentially will be realised. Even the low estimate of 14p is a long way from the current share price of 2.7p.

We will find out, probably before the ASX market opens tonight in Australia the potential of the MOD joint venture (MTR own 5% of MOD and 30% of the JV).

With one company having already offered $840m for the Botswana prospect and this having been rejected it is easy to see why MOD have suspended their shares before the release of the significant drill results.

This news on its own is a game changer for MTR.

It is hard to believe the MTR share price will remain at current levels this afternoon when all the indicators are so positive.


MTR Botswana news

This announcement is significant for Metal Tiger ( see here).

Metal Tiger own 5% of MOD Resources And also have a 30% stake in this joint adventure (see here).

On Wednesday the signifiant drill results will be announced. It is inevitable the MTR share price is, due to speculation going to move North over the next couple of days.

MTR in this RNS (see here) give an indication of the potential. As it states in the RNS expect an update from MTR when further news.

Today expect an RNS from MTR regarding Botswana and also regarding MetalNRG.